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Monday, October 02, 2006

You Haven't Had a Cheese Sandwich Until You've Been To...

Indianapolis. I really is one great city. It has a vibrant walkable downtown, great affordable houses very close to downtown, and a more than one university close to downtown. We saw some neighborhoods like this one that were 5 minutes from the center of the city and looked like Clear Lake...without those punks from Minnidosa aka "the Dose" wandering the streets. I never realized how great middle America was, compared to LA anyway.

I've been to Minneapolis quite a few times, but only appreciated it as a great city the last time I was there. Perhaps this is because in my youth I used to get so excited about the band I was about to see that I pretty much blocked everything else out. Who could pay attention to the city when you just drove 5 hours from Winnipeg in a blizzard in the middle of January to see Lagwagon?

Indianapolis is definitely a football town. The day we left there was a Colts game and the city was pretty much shut down. For all the apathetic Jets fans in Winnipeg, it proves you don't need "rich people" in a metropolis to support a professional sports team, you just need a city with passion for the team. I suppose the gagigabillions of dollars in NFL television rights helps as well, so what do I know. And don't kid yourself, this is at least 2 hours before the game.

The day we left we decided to drive around and find the part of town that the Indianapolis Board of Tourism didn't want you to see, and I think we found it. The defining characteristic of these areas was the combination of obvious visible poverty mixed with many many gorgeous old houses for sale. I think all the houses for sale has much to do with the families and people wanting to have families that are moving away from places like LA, San Fran, and more expensive places on the east coast to places like Indianapolis where you can
A) afford a house
B) trust the public school system.
C) paint your ass cheeks blue and walk around downtown before the football game with a Bud Light in one hand and your 7 year old in the other.

The cheese sandwich I ordered was so big it would make you drop out of highschool.

Thanks to all for the suggestions on what to see, but we were already back in LA by the time I could check the site. Plus this cheese sandwich took up pretty much the whole weekend so....


  • That area the commerce board doesn't want you to see is known locally as "south of 38th". A little more gunplay down there than in other areas. Sort of like Charleswood after the bikers stop at the bar for a quick one following delivery of the weekly supply to the neighborhood meth house.

    Had you searched through the crowd at the Colts game you would have found another Winnipeg ex-pat of your acquaintance clutching her first $40.00 ticket to the NFL nose bleeds. Post game report indicates it was worth every penny for pure entertainment. Small world.

    By Anonymous w in w, at October 03, 2006  

  • I've been constipated ever since looking at that cheese sandwich. Yick.

    By Anonymous chris, at October 03, 2006  

  • Good lord that sandwich is enormous! Gross!
    The only view we've had of Indianapolis was driving through at night, but it still looked amazing. We were, alas, rather troubled by the repeated signs advertising Tom (?) Rapers Used Cars.

    By Blogger bren j., at October 04, 2006  

  • Art's Deli could do you a solid.

    By Blogger Steven Rosenberg, at October 24, 2006  

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