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Friday, June 30, 2006

Sports Muffins!

Since this will be the first Independance Day we've ever been in the States for, I thought I'd look around online and find out exactly "what it's all about". I dug up the official statements on Independance Day from the US Gvmt and compared them to the statement on Canada Day from the Canadian Gvmt.

The US website states:
"Independence Day honors the birthday of the United States of America and the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. It's a day of picnics and patriotic parades, a night of concerts and fireworks, and a reason to fly the American flag."

The Canadian website states...well it's a little more verbose:

"..proclamation signed by the Governor General, Lord Monck, called upon all Her Majesty's loving subjects..."

".. government has arranged for an annual observance of Canada's national day with the Secretary of State of Canada in charge of the coordination. The format provided for...."

"...The format changed in 1968 with the addition of multicultural and professional concerts held..."

"..A new formula was developed in 1980 whereby the National Committee (the federal government organization charged with planning Canada's Birthday celebrations) stressed and sponsored the development of..."

"...Canada Day Committees are established in each province and territory to plan, organize and coordinate the Canada Day..."

The differences in definitions between Canada and the States are extremely clear, and these exact differences carry over so perfectly into so many other aspects of society it's laughable. There's the good ol' USA, right to the point, doesn't
want to confuse anybody because, well, people tend to get confused easily down here. Not much room for nuance and sometimes that's a good thing, sometimes it's bad. Note the assertion to "Fly the flag, dammit!" On the 4th of July I want to find a good old fashion parade and paint the Union Jack on my bicep. I mean the American Flag.

The Canadian definition obviously leans more in the, ummmm, other direction. Lots of careful, careful, careful planning. Multiculturalism (tm). Committees and more committees. Although I must say the careful planning results in nothing less heartfelt and endearing. I still remember when I was about 6 years old gathering with the entire town (literally) on the outskirts of McCreary, Manitoba and watching the fireworks get shot over Lake Erwin, the very same lake that my friend Kelly Keharski's dad once rode over with a the summer.

Both days are pretty awesome so in these partisan days of discussion and debate, give some respek to both where respek is due.
And if life gives you lemons, there's only one thing to do. Make SPORTS MUFFINS! We did!


  • Happy Canada Day and Independence Day!!! Your sports muffins look absolutely delicious.

    By Anonymous Carlos, at July 01, 2006  

  • you know Santana?!? Wow.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at July 03, 2006  

  • Sorry, that last comment was too obscure. /ignored.

    By Blogger Gareth, at July 05, 2006  

  • "It is when I struggle to be brief that I become obscure." Horace

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at July 05, 2006  

  • rap, tap, tap.
    rappity, tappity, tap.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at July 06, 2006  

  • Not very much in the way of commentary. Have some departed to attend cultural sensitivity class?

    By Anonymous chancesare, at July 06, 2006  

  • Gareth,

    I was just talking with a guy who told me to shove my commercial insurance up my ass. I don't think he wants on the program that I was offering him. and what the hell happened to england? and then portugal? cmon fellas, you can't be losing like that.

    By Anonymous clitke, at July 07, 2006  

  • At least Portugal lost. I was NOT looking forward to seeing a Portugal Italy final. It would be 90 minutes of players rolling on the ground grabbing their ankles in "pain".

    By Blogger Gareth, at July 07, 2006  

  • Kind of like this? check it out gareth.

    By Anonymous clitke, at July 08, 2006  

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