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Monday, September 04, 2006

Fill it with petroleum distillate and re-vulcanize my tires, post haste.

Finally made it to the LA central library. The interior design is actually quite similar to Winnipeg's new central library. The exterior however, is a bit different as you can see. LA is ripe with art deco buildings, it's awesome.

Like this building here. So art deco.

I"m not sure if it was the smelly bums or the lack of "what's new" shelves on the social sciences floor, but I never stayed the whole afternoon. I did manage to use the self checkout machine, which I must say is a lot better than those ones from the 70's in the Dafoe library that looked like they were going grind your arm into a pulp if you came near them.

In a classic case of overcompensation for the vulgarities of ones youth (which by my count ended forty some days ago), I've been trying to learn the violin since we moved here. And starting a few months ago I've even gone so far as taking lessons. The building on Melrose where I'm taking them doesn't feel like it's in LA. It's quite old by LA standards and has..get this...a small courtyard. From the courtyard a staircase leads upstairs to the main office and a narrow outdoor balcony. Music wafts (There is no other word for it. Really.) through several of the windows lining the balcony while a french mime sits in the corner with a scarf and a glass of wine, and smokes his cigarettes in long slow breaths. Ok that's not true, but I like going
there every week. It feels like an actual place, not a 76 or a Jamba Juice.

So today after driving all the way there, turns out the receptionist was wrong and all the classes were indeed cancelled, even though I called earlier to ask. I was in such a sour mood on the way home that not even Jay Leno driving a ridiculous Monty Burns car from the 30's with goggles on could make me smile. Always leave a camera in the car.

There goes Jay into the sunset. You're not funny Jay. Even when I wanted you to be.

Croc hunter: 1832 - 2006.


  • Tim and I had been keeping cameras in the work truck. Good thing too, because unless you have proof, no one will believe how normal-looking a guy with an "I RULE" licence plate on his Chavalier can be.

    By Anonymous chris, at September 04, 2006  

  • You should start a "Lisence Plates of Winnipeg" blog. First Entry: Cargasm.

    By Blogger Gareth, at September 04, 2006  

  • Also, "2LO4WPG", "DASTANG".

    By Anonymous chris, at September 05, 2006  

  • That's the 101. Where is going? Doesn't he live in Burbank?

    By Blogger Patrick, at September 05, 2006  

  • Wow. Two celebrity car sightings in one foreign excursion. First the bit character who owns the soda shop on the Gilmore Girls and his rusted out Jetta. Now Jay in a beat up Duesenberg. Toss in a warm Bud and doesn't get much better than that, huh?

    By Anonymous Lorelai, at September 05, 2006  

  • I saw a license plate that said CRZYHRS. I feel sorry for that guy... he must work crazy hours, maybe shift work.

    By Blogger blade, at September 07, 2006  

  • Or maybe he just likes Neil Young's old band. Crazyhorse. Nah, it's probably shift work.

    By Anonymous chris, at September 07, 2006  

  • IH8WPG

    By Anonymous jay, at September 08, 2006  

  • how about this one:

    UB6 IB9


    By Anonymous clitke, at September 08, 2006  

  • Chris that's gross. I hate you.

    By Blogger Gareth, at September 10, 2006  

  • Ha ha. I know exactly where he's going. He's going to his car storage facility, which is way out there, either in the West Valley or maybe even near Thousand Oaks.

    I saw him do a show about it. It was on some cable channel, I forget which one. Maybe the Speed Channel, which is all about cars. It's a GIGANTIC pre-fab steel building, about 200 by 100 feet, and most of his cars are there, though he keeps a few at his house on Mulholland Drive.

    Jay has at least one mechanic on full time payroll, maybe more, and owns a crazy amount of cars. Several dozen at least. And most of them are VERY rare specimens, including that thing he was driving, which wasn't even finished. It's not supposed to look like that, there's no body on it. I've seen him driving around in stuff like that on several occasions, including a Hispano-Suiza race car and a Hupmobile. And I've seen him wearing the goggles before too.

    By Blogger Scott, at September 23, 2006  

  • I wasn't sure at first, but when you get close there's no mistaking it. I had heard about his car fetish. They're not kidding.

    By Blogger Gareth, at October 03, 2006  

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