We's in California

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

You're dialed in to "THE BUZZARD!!!!!"

We are somewhere in Kansas right now, but I'm not exactly sure where. As I've been driving two 12+ hour days it's been a bit of a blur but I do know:

1) The worlds largest meteor crater is somewhere in Arizona but costs $15 to see. Doesn't the worlds largest meteor crater sounds like something that should be in the public domain? It is in fact one of the many "World's Largest" that we've seen along the way, many of which are probably the "The World's Only Example of a Larger than Normal X", X being dreamcatcher, ball of yarn, etc.

2) Somebody has re-recorded Tom Cochran's 1991 hit "Life is a Highway" and it is quite popular on the AM dial in northern Texas. When my best friend in grade 5 finds out he's gonna be pissed.

3) 93.9 "The Buzzard" in Kansas plays exactly the kind of music you would expect it to.

4) Most of the hotels on the I-56 in Kansas are in fact motels that look like soon after you check in you'll discover that you share birthdays with all of the guests in the motel and soon your night decends into a dillusional dream of murder and intrigue only to awaken to reality in the morning.

5) When it snows in New Mexico the state shuts down.

6) Most small farm towns in Arizona, New Mexico, northern Texas, and Kansas are hanging by a thread as corporate farms continue to do that funny thing they do.

7) Seeing high density feedlots leak their poison into the American heartland reminds me why I call myself a vegetarian but still eat meat once a week or when nobody I know is present.

Got to go: COPS is on.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Like I said...

My hands were cold.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

We's in California for 2 more weeks.

We came, we saw, I lost my keys a few times. LA was a great experience but there aren't many reasons we can think of to stay here. As negative as I've generally been about the city, we really have met some great people here and are sorry to leave for that reason. We are driving back to Winnipeg and will hopefully arrive by Christmas Eve. Instead of going through the Rockies, we'll drive to Texas then hang a left. I'm not sure if I'll be continuing to write the weblog when we're in Winnipeg.

I'm going to be on Leno tommorrow playing the violin. My hands were cold.