We's in California

Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Second Cool Thing about Los Angeles

Last week we saw the Shins (aka: The Band Without A Bad Song) and Belle and Sebastian with the LA Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl. I promise not to rant and rave about the show itself, whichsoawesomeohmygoodnessthebesti'veever seenandtotallyamazingblahablah, but rather the bowl itself. I think there are a lot of classical concerts held here as well as other contemporary shows and concerts. The premis that everyone seems to be in tune with is that you bring a picnic basket filled with food and wine and have a picnic before and while the show is on.

I almost ate a whole thing of black licorice.

About half the seats are normal but quite spacious, the other half actually looked like they had little tables in front of them. The acoustics: spot on. The crowd:
subdued yet responsive, realizing the've been handed something precious and rarely given by anyone in our society, trust from the establishment to consume alcohol brought from home in a civilized and reponsible manner. The whole evening was truly beautiful.

Dayna managed the two best quips of the night:
"What is this, Springs?" when the camera did a closeup of the guitar during a solo. (That's a Winnipeg one.)
b) "You would have to." under her breath when the annoying lady behind us informed her friend she would pay $5000 to sleep with the lead singer of the band.

And I think you all know by now what the first cool thing about LA is: It is, of course, the fact that it wouldn't take me long to get a hold of
a really really big hat. Let me know.