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Tuesday, December 27, 2005


89.3 KPCC has become our radio station of choice. They are a So Cal (I can say that because I live here now) station affiliated with National Public Radio (NPR), the largest and best noncommerical radio network in these here United States of America. You can tell by the names of their programs like "The Loh Down on Science" and "All Things Considered" that it is well rounded and worth listening to. They are supported by some private companies which you DO hear about in a very non-annoying ad every half hour or so and it isn't that bad. The majority of their funding comes from member pledges which I think Dayna and I might do in a few months because we do listen to it all the time.

The radio stations in many parts of the US (including ours) are...different. I've seen billboards for a station that says "If you're a Democrat, you probably won't like us". There are many very conservative Christian stations raining down fire and brimstone over the airwaves. It seems like the craziest thing you might hear on the radio in Winnipeg is Charles Adler complaining about potholes or two of Winnipeg's five "black guys" being funny on 107.9. Here the hosts get really really worked up.

They also get pretty stupid to. The craziest one is 97.9 "La Raza". It's a Spanish station that has their sticker on every older car in LA county. Their billboards are EVERYWHERE and always have their flagship DJ "El Cucuy" giving a thumbs up with about 12 girls in the background who are missing the bottom 29 thirtieths of their jeans. The only way to describe the sound of the station is lots of lazers combined with the Spanish bee guy from the Simpsons who is yelling as loud and fast as he can.

Back to my main point, KPCC is great. The best part is that I've heard the CBC mentioned a few times in NPR news stories as sources and weekday evenings between 10 and 11....As it Happens! I don't know if it's the voice of Barbara Budd, or the unreal flute solo in the intro song, but I love hearing it. It reminds me of home. Apparently AIH is syndicated all over the US on NPR. Say it loud, say it pround: "I'm not embarrassed about Canadian state sponsored radio!".


  • Awesome, a post about public radio, you are tugging at my very heart strings. Also listen to 'This American Life', the best thing on NPR if you ask me, and you didn't but I am telling you.

    By Anonymous blade, at December 29, 2005  

  • I haven't listened to that yet. It's on Fridays at 7pm so I'm usually "pre-gaming" before I go out. Do you have to listen to NPR online? I used to tape some BBC 1 radio shows online and they were super good. That's how I learned how awesome the streets are.

    I had an idea to start ending off each post with a new rediculous streets rhyme. If I end up doing that, you can be sure I'll start with this:

    "You can't do half, my crew laughs
    At your rhubarb and custard verses "

    It only starts there.

    By Anonymous gareth, at December 29, 2005  

  • Yeah NPR stuff reaches my ears through the interweb and that's it. But they have some great websites that archive soooo much stuff. needs to do something similar. Australia's Radio National also has a super good archive. Anyway, I am jealous that all you need to do is flick on the radio to hear NPR.

    By Anonymous blade, at December 30, 2005  

  • There's also KCRW (89.9) out of the People's Republic of Santa Monica, which is like KPCC but more self-righteous but also with better music. And if you're looking for REALLY self-righteous, head on over to 90.3, KPFK, broadcast right out of Studio City in our own special San Fernando Valley, for programming that makes even avowed Liberals punch the power button.

    Also, 88.1 is public radio and jazz, from CSUN (Cal State Northridge).

    By Anonymous Dave the Ubergeek, at January 02, 2006  

  • I would agree with Dave the ubergeek by saying that KCRW is worth a listen. It is arguably the best public radio station in the country. KPFK is also great..they do love to rant though, so beware.

    By Anonymous Michael, at January 02, 2006  

  • So, in case nobody else bothered, let me just say it to you lovable Canadians: welcome to L.A.

    Got here through L.A. Observed via Here in Van Nuys. Let me just say, I'm a huge fan. Not of you guys in particular, but Canadians in general.

    'Course, I've never been to the prairies, but I've been to Montreal and Toronto many times. I know, it's not the same. Like comparing Colorado Springs to Boston.

    Anyway, hope you enjoy it. The traffic will make you wish for sweet death, and Van Nuys is a stucco-coated hell hole. But the weather, man! 75 degerees in January! Woo hoo! That's why nobody leaves L.A. But seriously, move out of The Valley. I should know, I lived there for 5 years. I live downtown in a loft now.

    Also, good used CD stores. That's what keeps me living here. Get thee right now to Amoeba Records or Rockaway Records. I'll have more advice later...

    By Blogger Scott, at January 03, 2006  

  • Concerning the radio station suggestions, KPCC is currently number 2 of the 4 stations I have on presets. It's pretty good, and I've been to their website and seen some of their playlists and it looks really good, buy then for some reason whenever I actually listen to them, the music isn't so really good. I've heard a lot of Greenday and Nickleback. I've also tried "Indie 103", but gave up after a while because again, I don't like Greenday. I've found it hard to find music I like. Then again I like some pretty bad music.

    I'm actually reading a book called "Reluctant Metropolis", it's about urban growth in LA, and have learned about the whole Rupublic of Santa Monica thing and the history behind it. It's very interesting and explains a few things.

    Thanks everyone for the advice.

    By Blogger Gareth, at January 03, 2006  

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