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Sunday, December 11, 2005


A few days ago we had our first Entertainment Industry Personal Encounter. I realize that we will not ever really meet someone "famous" out here (and neither do we care to), but I suspect we will run into more people that exist somehow on the margins of the movie/television/useless garbage industry that makes its home in our neighborhood.
We were at the post office and an older Jewish fellow beside us started asking our teller about a manuscript for a book that he had sent to his publisher in Florida. Apparently the manuscript hadn't made it. I immediately told this man I was surprised that writers still send things via "snail mail" instead of emailing it. I think I offended him because immediately he told me he's been a TV writer for over 20 years. Then he told me he wrote alot episodes of Different Strokes and Full House.
I froze.
My veins turned to ice.
My head started pounding like a set of djembe drums that first year college boy treeplanters bring to camp along with their $300 boots.
Standing in front of the man who could very well be responsible for the fact that people know who John Stamos is, I wasn't sure wether to shake his hand or punch him in back of the head. I also think many of our generation lost the innocence of childhood the first time we heard Dave Coulier talk in his "funny voice". Anyway, I let it slide because I always warmed up with Full House before the really weekday pre-supper headliner Fresh Prince came on. Plus he was a really nice guy.


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