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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Let's make an orDEAL <- a little play on words there

I can't believe it. I think we're going to buy a new car. A Mazda 3. In LA there's no real "transit system" per se so our hands are tied. There's a dealership near where we live called Galpin and apparently it's actually the biggest car dealership IN THE WORLD. I believe them. This place makes Winnipeg auto malls look like me that time I tried to start a business taking viruses off peoples computers. (I did alright at the start but the marketing just wasn't there, no offence to my brother Warren who DID hand out homemade business cards to everyone in his university phys-ed class).

I never thought we would ever actually buy a brand new car because they were a rip-off but around here every used car dealership has nothing but "repossesed" vehicles which doesn't sound very good to me. Repossesed means that someone tried to lease a 2004 BMW (they are all BMW's or Mercedes Benz) but as it turns out you can't make the payments if you're working the drive through window at the local Pollo Loco Tacos. So the bank takes them back.

Here's a picture of the car I wanted to get, but that would be retarded.


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