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Friday, November 11, 2005

Get rich or die going to the movie.

Tonight we went to Fidy Cents new movie Get Rich or Die Tryin' (no G at the end of that verb). In front of the theater complex were a few crouds of real Latino gangsters. They would all stand in a group on the sidewalk and every few minutes a different lowered SUV with a lot of bass coming from it would slowely roll by and then they would all sort of nod their heads in approval and mutter something under their breath to the nearest person. Probably something like "Sure there's alot of bass sound out here, and we know he's hearing the highs because I know there are 14 "tweaters" in that homie's vehicle, but I bet you he's missing alot the mid-range".

Anyway the point of the story is that Dayna and I were already feeling a bit conspicuous because we were the only two white people in the theater, when at one point in the movie (and I don't think I'm ruining it for anyone because I know you've all seen it) 50 gets thrown from his jail cell into solitary confinement and guy sitting directly behind us says to his friend "Oh man, I remember that". At that point we both wished we were back in our hotel room the night before watching this guy:

I had heard in the news the night before that someone in LA actually got shot in the bathroom of a movie theatre where Get Rich or Die Tryin' was playing. Don't let that stop you from going though, great movie. Just great.


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