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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Three favorite things so far.

A) Notorious B.I.G. (rip) on the radio. Alot.

B) The advertising in the "what's happing in the indie music scene this week" community magazines are still very Hollywood. In one page you'll think "Wow. From now until Dec 15th I get $1650 off all nose, breast, lip, and chin (?) procedures including an extra %50 off my second Botox, Restaylane, or Captique purchase. Oh and look, apparently Broken Social Scene are taking their music in a new direction. Awesome.".

C) And this one I am actually serious about...all the local businesses around here. (Wait a minute, I'm serious about the first one. In terms of seriousness we'll go A, C, then B.) When we came we were expecting nothing but big box stores and fast food chains with little or no sense of community. It turns out that on every corner is at lesat 3 or 4 family owned businesses. Whenever we drive somewhere we notice an old breakfast joint or an independant donut shop that we simply must try out. It's actually quite encouraging. I think this is because a large part of the population here is second or even first generation immigrants and they are more imaginative and willing to take risks. I love it. I've decided at this point that I will break this list of three into yet another list...of three.

Three favorite local donut joints so far:
1) Donut King. Classic name. Nice and close.
2) Randy's donuts. Established 1952, still making payments on a 22ft cement donut mounted on the roof. Not that close, but balls anyway.

3) My favorite: U.S.A Donuts. It's so...U.S.A. Hacksaw Jim Dugan works here (just part time) making this the second reference to a wrestler so far in my blog. And if you're looking for a new background for your desktop, look no further.

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  • I think Winnipeg is actually worse for 'Big Box Syndrome' than L.A. One of the reasons is that they just don't have space for putting in these huge buildings and parking lots. Unfortunately space is not at a premium in Winnipeg so the big boys keep sprawling onto undeveloped land (eg Kenaston and McGillvary). I guess there are some advantages to living in a completely urbanized area....
    Eventually they will figure out how to put a Home Depot and a Super Walmart on top of the hills with a huge escalator to the top.

    By Anonymous E-Wood, at November 28, 2005  

  • And I will be there to ride that heaven.

    Every now and then there is a huge big box store. We are actually less than five mintues from a Costco so I guess it's not that good.

    By Anonymous gareth, at November 28, 2005  

  • big box rules!
    big box rules!
    big box rules!

    By Anonymous tim, at November 30, 2005  

  • Shhhhh Tim, shhhh.

    By Anonymous Gareth, at November 30, 2005  

  • You drive to Randy's from the Valley? Thats alot of love for a donut. Have you tried Krispy Kreme? There's one in Van Nuys.

    By Anonymous bmart, at December 30, 2005  

  • Ew, Krispy Kremes are nasty if you don't get them when the "hot now" sign is lit up. It's like bready lard.

    Dad's Donuts on Victory and Buena Vista in Burbank. Go and enjoy, and amuse yourselves at the amazingly 1950s architecture along Magnolia Blvd. between Pass Ave. and the 5.

    I wish we had Tim Hortons here. I'm jonesing for a blueberry fritter bad, and we just got back from Montreal two days ago.

    By Anonymous Dave the Ubergeek, at January 02, 2006  

  • The best donuts in LA are Bob's Donuts in The Fairfax Farmers Market.Plus the market itself is one of the most authentic old SouCal experiences left to enjoy!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at January 02, 2006  

  • As we just moved to Reseda from Florida, I appreciate the comment about locally-owned donut shops on every corner here in LA. The donuts here are really top-notch. We like Blinkies at the corner of Dumetz and Topanga Canyon Rd in Woodland Hills. Their blueberry fritters are great.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at January 17, 2006  

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