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Sunday, December 25, 2005

The Mass of Christ.

Every year a freak storm passes over The Grove shopping mall and it snows twice a night at 7 and again at 8 for two weeks in December. Scientists still haven't discovered the cause of this phenomenon, but it sure brings out the shoppers! It also has the side-effect of convicing parents to wait in line for 30 minutes to pay $12.50 to have their kids scared by Santa Clause and have their picture taken.

Scientists also haven't figured out how a Christmas tree can look so incredibly lame. A Korean scientist has came up with the formula:
(uneven light distribution * crooked star) / the fact that it is 3 feet tall and cost $30!) = look carefully at how bad the wrapping job is on the big green box. Guess who wrapped that one. But as we all know, Korean scientists HAVE been proved wrong before.

Anway, Merry Christmas to all. People freaking out about seeing the work "Christmas" and all of us shaking our heads at how many stores are open have just become part of the tradition by now, so just forget about it. Enjoy your family and be grateful for all we have and why we have it.

We plan on going to San Francisco for new years because we didn't want to pay $80 each to see the Flaming Lips in LA. Also, if you were wondering how indie we are, let's just say we got tickets to Wolf Parade without paying a scalper $150. (Which I actually saw on Craigslist). We are I don't really love them, but I do like them. So far over half the bands we've seen here are from Canada. Makes you wonder. About what you say? Only time will tell. Only time will tell. ?


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